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   On September 29th, the first stage of the 3rd Wu Qingyuan Cup World Women's Go Tournament ended. The Chinese women won the semi-finals and were excited to claim the championship. This is also a rare battle for the Chinese women's team in recent days, because before this victory, the world women's chess world has entered the Korean time for a year.


   In 1993, the world’s first female professional Go tournament, the Cuibao Cup, was born (excluding the current Wu Qingyuan Cup, which has not yet produced a champion). A total of 29 women's world champions (items) have been determined, and only 12 women's world champions have been produced. Among them, Rui Naiwei 8 times, Park Zhien 5 times, Cui Jing 5 times, Yu Zhiying 3 times, Feng Yun 1 time, Zhang Xuan 1 time, Xu Ying 1 time, Yin Yingshan 1 time, Li He 1 time, Wang Chenxing 1 time, 1 time for Wu Yoozhen and 1 time for Kim Chaeyoung. From the perspective of height and progress, Rui Naiwei is an existence that transcends the times, Park Ji-eun can be described as an epoch-making chess player, and Cui Jing raised the level of women's Go to a new height in the post-AI era. Before 2019, Yu Zhiying was at least on par with Cui Jing, but last year, for her and Chinese women's Go, it was a dark to ice age.

1993年,世界上第一个女子职业围棋锦标赛-翠宝杯诞生了(不包括目前尚未获得冠军的吴庆元杯)。总共确定了29位女子世界冠军(项目),并且只产生了12位女子世界冠军。其中,芮乃威8次,朴智恩5次,崔静5次,于志英3次,冯云1次,张选1次,徐莹1次,尹颖山1次,李鹤1次,王晨兴1次,吴有珍1次,金彩英1次。从高度和进步的角度来看,芮乃薇是一个超越时代的存在,朴智恩可以说是一个划时代的国际象棋棋手,崔静将女性的“围棋”水平提升到了新的高度。 AI时代。在2019年之前,于志英至少与崔静相提并论,但去年,对于她和中国女子围棋来说,这是一个冰冷的时代。

From 2012 to 2018, the women’s chess world also entered the post-90s post-90s era of the Warring States Period. The 9 individual world champions were scattered into 3 Cui Jing, 2 Yu Zhiying, Wang Chenxing, Li He, Wu Youzhen, Jin Cai There are 1 each, China and South Korea have 3 to 3 champions, and South Korea is slightly ahead of 5 to 4 in the number of championships. In terms of team competitions, in the Huanglongshi Cup Women’s Challenge, China wins in even-numbered years, South Korea wins in odd-numbered years, and China leads 4 to 3 in the first 7 sessions. In Tiantai Mountain World Women’s Team, South Korea leads 4 to 3 in the number of championships, but in In the 7th tournament, the direct dialogue between the Chinese and South Korean teams was that China had a 5-2 lead, but only 2 of them won South Korea and lost to the Japanese team, which benefited the South Korean team.

从2012年到2018年,女子象棋界也进入了战国时代的90年代后90年代时代。 9位世界冠军分别排在3位崔菁,2位于志英,王晨星,李和,吴有珍,金才各1位,中韩分别有3至3位冠军,而韩国则略微领先5位到总冠军数的第4位在团体比赛方面,在“黄龙狮杯”女子挑战赛中,中国以偶数年获胜,韩国以奇数年获胜,而中国在前7场比赛中以4比3领先。在天台山世界女足锦标赛中,韩国队的总冠军数领先4到3,而在第七届锦标赛中,中国队和韩国队之间的直接对话是中国队以5-2领先,但只有2名他们赢得了韩国,但输给了日本队,这使韩国队受益。

   In other words, in the past 7 years, the China and South Korea women’s individual and team competitions scored 11 to 12, which can be described as intractable.


   But 2019 has almost become a turning point. In terms of teams, the 9th Huanglongshi Cup Challenge was held from April to June. In the process, Wu Youzhen won 4 consecutive victories and was later defeated by Lu Minquan. Cui Jing defeated Lu and ushered in a duel between the main players and Yu Zhiying played most of the game. After a good game, the advantage was reversed, and Choi Jing won the 4th ring championship for the Korean women's team. The Tiantai Mountain Team Tournament was held in May. The first round was the encounter between China and South Korea. As a result, South Korea’s Cui Jing beat Yu Zhiying, Oh Yoojin beat Wang Chenxing, Kim Chaeyoung beat Lu Minquan, and they swept 3-0. In the end, South Korea won 3 rounds without losing one. The game won the championship.


   In the 2019 Individual Competition, the 10th Holy Grail of Qionglong Mountain Soldiers, Yu Zhiying lost to Cui Jing in the quarterfinals, and Cui Jing defeated Zhou Hongyu in the final to win the championship. In the 2nd Wu Qingyuan Cup, Yu Zhiying lost to Wu Youzhen in the round of 16 and finally Cui Jing defeated Wang Chenxing 2-0 in the final and won. In the 2nd Shanxing Cup, Yu Zhiying defeated Cui Jing with 3 eyes and a half in the final.


In 2019, China and South Korea played against each other 7 times. Cui Jing had an overwhelming record of 6 wins and 1 loss for Zhiying, and also brought back the match record of the two sides to a balance of 18-19 (previously Yu Zhiying had twice played against Cui Achieved 5 consecutive victories and has been in the lead). These two basically represent the highest level of today's women's chess world, and they are also the pillars of the two countries. Once they tilt, it will be unimaginable. With Cui Jing's invincible momentum, South Korea won 4-1 in two team and three individual competitions. The Chinese women won the lighter Shanxing Cup because of Zhiying.


   The problem with the Chinese women's team is not Yu Zhiying's downturn. As a professional chess player, the ups and downs are normal. Moreover, it should be noted that Cui Jing has indeed made considerable progress, and has repeatedly defeated men's world champions Ru Shiyue and Gu Zihao in the world competitions to enter the top 16 indiscriminate competitions. The problem with the Chinese women's team is that the successors are weak. Once Yu Zhiying is gone, there will be no younger candidates to stand up. Look at the three world champions in South Korea. Cui Jing was born in 1996, Wu Yoozhen in 1998, and Kim Chaeyoung in 1996. Compared with us standing at the forefront next to Yu Zhiying, they are actually the grandmother Rui Naiwei and the nearly 30-year-old Wang Chenxing and Li He (They were playing in 2012).

中国女队的问题不是于志英的低迷。作为专业的国际象棋选手,跌宕起伏是正常的。而且,应该指出的是,崔静确实取得了长足的进步,并且在世界大赛中屡屡击败男子世锦赛冠军茹世跃和顾子豪,进入了16个无差别比赛。中国女队的问题是继任者薄弱。俞志英离开后,将没有年轻的候选人站起来。看看韩国的三位世界冠军。崔静,1996年出生,1998年,吴有真,1996年,金彩英。与我们站在余志英旁边的前辈相比,他们实际上是祖母瑞乃威,将近30岁的王晨星和李鹤。 (他们在2012年参加比赛)。

In this year's Wu Qingyuan Cup, we are not only happy to win the semi-finals, we are more pleased to see that the Chinese women's team presents a prosperous scene. The top four are Rui Naiwei, born in the 60s, Wang Chenxing in 1991, and Wang Chenxing in 1997 Yu Zhiying, Zhou Hongyu in 2002, has a rich age hierarchy and a reasonable structure. At the same time, Lu Minquan in 1999 and Wu Yiming in 2007 also showed an upward trend. Only by solving the problem of intergenerational handover and establishing a chain of healthy development talents can we ensure that the overall operation is not blocked and paralyzed due to a temporary loss of one person.


   The only one in the semi-finals without a world championship title is Zhou Hongyu, the youngest. In this competition, she defeated South Korea's No. 2 and No. 3 masters Oh Yoo Jin and Kim Chae Young, clearing obstacles and making great contributions. In 2019, Zhou Hongyu defeated the men's chess player in the rookie king tournament and finally won the championship. He won the runner-up of the 10th Qionglongshan Soldiers Holy Grail. He won the challenge in the Chinese Women's Celebrity Battle, showing unlimited possibilities and a bright future. But her weakness is instability. In July this year, the women's encirclement was defeated in all four games, but in September the three-star cup selection team won consecutive wins for Lu Minquan and Wang Chenxing to advance to the tournament. At present, she is at a disadvantage against women's top-notch players including Cui Jing, Yu Zhiying, Wu Youzhen, etc. In the semi-finals of the Wu Qingyuan Cup, she will challenge Rui Naiwei and stage an interesting hedge between the old and the young. As for the old rivals and friends Yu Zhiying and Wang Chenxing, Xiaoyu's track record is 7 to 3 ahead, but the star has won the match nearly twice.

在半决赛中唯一没有获得世锦赛冠军的人是年龄最小的周宏宇。在这场比赛中,她击败了韩国2号和3号大师吴Oh真和金彩英,扫清障碍并做出了巨大贡献。 2019年,周鸿yu在新秀王比赛中击败了男子象棋选手,并最终获得了冠军。他获得了第十届琼龙山战士圣杯亚军。他在中国女子名人战中赢得了挑战,展现了无限的可能性和光明的未来。但是她的弱点是不稳定。今年7月,女子包围赛在全部4场比赛中均被击败,但在9月,这支三星级的选拔队为陆敏权和王晨星赢得了连胜,晋级了本届比赛。目前,她在对付崔菁,于志英,吴有珍等女子顶尖女子方面处于劣势。在吴庆元杯的半决赛中,她将挑战芮乃威并在老将之间进行有趣的对冲。和年轻人。至于昔日的对手和好友于志英和王晨星,小宇的成绩是7比3领先,但这位明星却几乎两次赢得了比赛。

Finally, I would like to mention the 13-year-old Wu Yiming. In 2018, she played 12 games in the 7th China Women's Encirclement of the CITIC Real Estate Cup and won only 1 win. Of course, she has won 1/4 three times. The slightest gap between the son and the 3/4 son was lost to Rui Naiwei, Zhou Hongyu, and Yu Zhiying; in the women's encirclement in July this year, Wu Yiming won the first 4 rounds, including a quarter son victory over South Korean world champion Jin Chaeyoung. It proved that the encirclement armor played a good role in forging her.

最后,我想提一下13岁的吴一鸣。 2018年,她在第七届中信房地产杯中国妇女圈中打了12场比赛,仅赢了1场胜利。当然,她三连胜了1/4。儿子和3/4儿子之间的最细微的差距输给了芮乃威,周鸿yu和于志英。在今年7月的女子包围赛中,吴义明赢得了前四轮比赛,其中包括四分之一的儿子战胜了韩国世界冠军金彩英。事实证明,包围装甲在伪造她方面起了很好的作用。

   A big victory does not mean that the Chinese women will take the lead. Just like last year's Hallyu could not pass through the raging spring, the dispute between China and South Korea is still stalemate. After Cui Jing and Yu Zhiying, post-00s Zhou Hongyu and Ueno Aisaki are stepping up to catch up. Not far away, post-05 Wu Yiming, Kim Eunchi, and Zhong Yihua have emerged, and the world women’s chess scene will be diverse and colorful in the future. Of confrontation. (Strong needle)

取得重大胜利并不意味着中国妇女将发挥带头作用。就像去年的韩流无法度过汹涌的春天一样,中韩之间的争端仍处于僵局。崔静和俞志英接任后,00后的周宏宇和上野新树正加紧追赶。在不远处,出现了05后吴亦鸣,金恩智和钟宜华,未来世界女子棋坛将是多姿多彩的。对抗。 (强针)

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