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亚博全站网页版:沉船事件全是里弗斯的锅? 他失去老板的支持
名称:亚博全站网页版:沉船事件全是里弗斯的锅? 他失去老板的支持



Within a few days of leaving the Clippers, Rivers quickly reached a five-year agreement with the 76ers and re-employed. This seems to be the culprit of Rivers, who was the culprit who was "3-1 leading the overturned professional household" and the Clippers out of the game. The image does not quite match. Well-known reporters Ramona Shelburne and Ohm Youngmisuk wrote articles to reveal the secrets and discuss whether Rivers should be blamed for the so-called "ship sinking incident"?

离开快船队的几天后,里弗斯迅速与76人队达成了为期五年的协议,并重新就业。这似乎是里弗斯的罪魁祸亚博全站网页版首,他是“ 3-1带领被推翻的职业家庭”和快船队退出比赛的罪魁祸首。图片不完全匹配。著名记者Ramona Shelburne和Ohm Youngmisuk撰写文章以揭示这些秘密,并讨论所谓的“沉船事件”是否应归咎于河流。

  Before the Clippers got a small card in July 2019 and traded to introduce Paul George, Rivers had many conversations with Lawrence Frank, the president of Clippers basketball operations. At first, they argued over whether the Clippers paid the Thunder too much in the George trade. At the same time, they also have to face the following questions: If they fail to get George, will Kaka turn around and join the Lakers? Can they afford such consequences?


   They discussed this for a few days until July 5, the day they had to decide whether to trade. With four first-round picks and a promising young guard Alexander, the Clippers have indeed paid too much. But trading to George and signing the small card will make them an instant championship team. Clippers owner Ballmer has the final decision-making power, but he still wants to listen to the opinions of all parties.


   For Rivers, the choice couldn't be easier. If you have a chance to win a championship, you should go all out. After all, such opportunities are not often available.


   It is said that when Frank informed Rivers that the deal was concluded, the latter was dining at a high-end sushi restaurant called Nobu on Malibu Beach. He saw the text message and yelled "Yes!" excitedly, causing the security guard of the restaurant to look at him frequently.


   After returning to his car, Rivers and Frank talked frankly about what the Clippers had done. Prior to this, Rivers had also experienced drastic changes in the lineup of the team he coached. In 2007, the Celtics formed the Big Three.

回到他的车后,里弗斯和弗兰克坦率地谈论了快船的所作所为。在此之前,里弗斯在他所带领的球队阵容中也经历了翻天覆地的变化。 2007年,凯尔特人队组成了三巨头。

   The championship is already predictable. Rivers also joked to Frank at the time that if the Clippers fail to do so, all of them will be fired. Unexpectedly, he became a confession.


   When the Clippers were overturned 3-1 in the second round of the Western Conference, Rivers publicly took the blame, but whether it was within the Clippers or the entire league, they doubted whether Rivers should bear the most responsibility.


 亚博全站网页版  This is Rivers. When he first arrived in 2013, he gave the Clippers players confidence that they had never had before. After the former Clippers owner Sterling made a racist incident in 2014, he led the team to survive. Even at the end of August this year when the NBA decided whether to continue the season, Paul, as the chairman of the players union, invited Rivers to speak to the players. He has become one of the most important speakers in professional sports today.


   On the surface, Ballmer, who seems to be passionate in the game, is actually a difficult person to understand.


   When he bought the Clippers in 2014, Ballmer once claimed that he would spend some time learning and researching how to manage a team. In the press conference, Ballmer once said: "I don't know how to run a team. I once joked with some players and said, "You know more about what the boss should do than I do. Because I have never worked for another boss, and I have never been a boss.'"


   But those who have been close to Ballmer know that it is only a matter of time before he makes his mark on the team. Once he understands how to become an NBA team owner, he will bring the way he runs a business to the Clippers. Clippers employees will be urged to provide new ideas and give arguments to support them.


So when Ballmer and Rivers started discussing what went wrong with the Clippers this season, it was reported that Ballmer’s instinctive reaction was whether the Clippers should be revisited, and whether the Clippers need a new one. sound.


   In the 10 days after the Clippers were out, Ballmer and Rivers had a long conversation on the phone many times. At that time Ballmer had listened to Frank, minority shareholder Dennis Wang and consultant Jerry West, and also consulted key players, including George and Cardinal. However, no one's opinion can make Ballmer dispel the idea of ​​a coaching change. In the end, he did make that decision.

快船出局后的十天内,鲍尔默和里弗斯在电话上进行了很长时间的交谈。当时,鲍尔默听了弗兰克(Frank),少数股东丹尼斯·王(Dennis Wang)和顾问杰里·韦斯特(Jerry West)的意见,还咨询了包括乔治和红衣主教在内的主要人物。但是,没有人的观点可以使鲍尔默消除教练变更的想法。最后,他确实做出了这个决定。

   After learning that he had lost the full support of his boss, Rivers did not want to stay in the Clippers anymore, because he always believed that the close relationship between the coach and management is the foundation of success in the NBA. In Ballmer's view, he does not believe that the methods and strategies given by Rivers will be better than what the next coach can provide.


   This decision caused an uproar in the league. As a team, the Clippers failed because of various reasons, and it is difficult to blame Rivers for all of them.


  In Rivers' view, the Clippers’ failure was caused by a lack of understanding and leadership. Rivers believes that the Clippers finally figured out their position until the time before the shutdown. He originally hoped that the environment of the quarter-finals could help the Clippers find a tacit understanding. However, Beverly, Harrell and Lu Wei all left the quarter-finals for a long time due to their own reasons. Zubac and Shamet were also late due to the new crown. Immediately afterwards, Beverly strained his left calf and played only one game in the first round, and Harrell could not find the state after the rematch.

在里弗斯看来,快船队的失败是由于缺乏理解和领导能力造成的。里弗斯(Rivers)认为,快船队最终确定了自己的位置,直到停赛前。他最初希望四分之一决赛的环境可以帮助快船队达成默契。但是,由于自身的原因,贝弗利,哈雷尔和卢薇都长时间退出了八强。 Zubac和Shamet也因新冠而迟到。此后不久,贝弗利拉紧了左小腿,在第一轮只打了一场比赛,而哈雷尔在复赛后找不到状态。

   However, the biggest problem with the Clippers is the mental level of the team.


   During the lockout, the players kept in touch through text messages and training. George and Xiaoka also organized training many times. However, there are still many key players, especially Lu Wei, who will not be in shape until the end of the season. At first, the Clippers voted for the rematch, but at the end of August, the Clippers voted against whether to continue the season. It was not until Rivers held a team meeting late at night to reverse the situation.


   For Rivers, he never mind discussing psychological issues with players, but he also believes that he shouldn't always be the loudest person in the team. Leaders must be generated from within the players. However, neither Card nor George is such a leader; Beverly is not afraid to express his opinion, but unfortunately he is injured; Lu Wei is also regarded as a leader, but he lacks interest in the rematch.


   Rivers once suggested to Ballmer that the Clippers need a real point guard to sort out the offense. But what Ballmer thought was: Why does the Clippers lack leadership and understanding? Why are players not interested in the rematch? The two sides could not agree on almost everything, and a breakup was inevitable.


   Rivers and Ballmer's relationship is closer than that of most NBA team coaches and owners. But Ballmer's actions showed that he was not satisfied with the answers Rivers gave.




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